Alan Foxley – Potter or sculptor? Probably both.

Here is Alan, demonstrating techniques to an audience at Anglian Potters; he brings scale into ceramics in a way few people can even attempt and the result are stunning, strong ceramic sculptures that blend old and new,  both neolithic and modern in  a clean form with age-old texture. Alan has brought three new pieces to the Garden – we wondered about the inspiration behind them and this is what he says –

“The two ‘  Untitled  ‘pieces came about as a result of picking up two small but very interesting stones whilst on a walk, and using them as a starting point. Once the work was underway the pieces evolved as the changing planes began to suggest a new direction  – the torso as a result of life drawings.

Current themes have evolved from 1997 onwards, Ideas are developed from natural and man-made forms from the study of beetles, Egyptian amulets, axe heads, armour, boats, stones and the human form.

Textures and the apparent effects of the elements and time upon the forms are of paramount importance to achieve a timeless contemplative feeling which hopefully encourages the handling of the work. Reduction fired to 1280 C and in some cases polished post firing with abrasives. Scale varies, but is generally large and is principally suited to outdoor display.”

These sculptures are ensured a long life!


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