Eric Marland, set in stone …..

From Eric Gill to David Kindersley, from David Kindersley to Eric Marland  For those who admire the art of the letter cutter and the stone carver – there is no need to say more – from one master to another. SAMSUNG

 Eric continues a very special tradition in Cambridge and brings the art of literature to our generation. Eric is another lynchpin in our stable – we have shown his work many times and each time there is always something new to admire.  Eric works in a converted chapel and the result is a wonderful harmony of words and stone.  Eric says,

 “The pieces of carved lettering in wood and stone, as well as the carved and gilt green man in oak, which I have on display this year are quite different to the sort of thing I make for most of the rest of the year in that they are a reflection of my interests and obsessions rather than those of the clients whose commissions usually occupy my time. The objects required are usually in some way or another more functional, even utilitarian. A house number, a headstone, a sundial even an opening plaque performs some sort of service whereas here I am freed from such constraints and can indulge the little artist who lurks within.
  I am very grateful to, once again, be asked to participate in this unique call and response with this beautiful setting. Truly a case of Rus In Urbe as the saying on the slate goes.”

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